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Uniting Industries & unveiling cross-sector applications across Energy, Industrial & Transportation
03 – 04 December 2019
The Slate at Warwick
University Campus, UK

The ONLY cross-sector show for Battery and Energy Storage covering
Energy, Transportation, Industrial and more....

Agenda Snapshot

  • What is driving developments in battery and energy storage?

  • How can Batteries enable a more sustainable and efficient energy future

  • A look at the Past Year: How has the industry moved forwards?

  • Driving Innovation with Sector Coupling and Cross-Sector Collaboration

  • Does the future lie in cross-sector storage projects?

  • A look at the Demand for Electric Vehicles

  • The Next steps of EV Charging: Buffer Storage

  • Solid State Batteries: The Future of Energy Storage?

  • Solid State Batteries: The Future of Energy Storage?

  • How can utility providers create more value from their investment in energy storage?

  • Behind-the-Meter Storage Projects

  • New Opportunities for Renewable Integration

  • Searching for the better battery: What are the alternatives to Lithium Ion Technology?

  • Policy Reforms in the UK and their Impact

  • A look at the Big Data Opportunity: Capturing, Visualising and Gaining Insights from Data

  • Understanding Second Life Batteries


Audience Demographics

What our attendees say...

It was  unique in a sense that utility companies,battery manufacturers, Electric car  companies and Academia came together under a same umbrella. 


Entertaining,  informative event. Learned a lot about energy storage opportunities from the  case studies, and am very excited about the electric vehicle opportunity.

Opus Energy

I really enjoyed the personal scale of the event combined with the

broad reach across related industry sectors (power distribution and

generation) that are not always in my network

Tata Motors

Excellent way of bringing the diverse worlds of the automotive industry

and electricity grid infrastructure together


Great event with a very strong selection of speakers


Battery  and Energy Storage 2017 provided a good overview of the current status of  battery deployment in grid and mobile applications, and an insight into how  the industry would evolve in the future

University of South Wales

This  event is the first conference that succeeded in bringing together the  automotive and energy industries uniting them around the topic of battery  energy storage. Implementing a highly engaging and informative programme it  has significantly enriched the UK energy storage event calendar. 

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The Slate at Warwick University Campus, UK

: 03 – 04 December 2019
Opening Time: 08:30 – 17:30
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